• Duration: Best time to walk: 21.04-30.06/01.09-31.10/
  • Location: Eskişehir
  • Price: based on 2 persons € 535 p.p.

Discover the land of King Midas and mother-Godess Cybele.

From the trainstation at Sabuncupınar to Midas city                                      (Yazılıkaya-Yenice Çiftliği section)

The Prygian way  is 506 kilometers divided over three routes. Excellent red- white waymarking,signposts, GPS points  and  App lead you on this trail through a hidden and unvisited corner of Turkey. The trail passes small agricultural villages inhabited by hospitable  people, folded hills , fairy towers  formed by the volcanic ashes of Türkmen mountain older than Cappadocia, valleys, forest,old  roads  and  scattered ruins without ticket offices.

In the 12 th century BC  there was an ancient state ;Phrygia. It was founded by Phrygians, who emigrated to Asia Minor from the Balkan and settled in the valleys south east of Ankara.They  used the soft tufa to carve  monuments and became a dominant power in the early Iron age ( 9-7th century BC), invented the flute, are known from their capital Gordion, the Gordion knot and their legendary King Midas with his asses ears and golden touch.

Tour Highlights

Varied interesting walks
Phrygian, Roman and Byzantian monuments
Rock formations and fairy Chimneys
Welcoming hosts in quest houses and stylish small hotels
Filling breakfasts, börek and loads of tea
Sheperds with flocks
Wide variety of flowers and birds
Deers in the Zahran valley
Midas city, The largest of all Phrygian monuments.

Grade: 0/ 00 Easy to Moderate
Distances: 3-25 km. Total 99 km
Elevation: average 1080 m above sealevel, on a high plateau. Fairly straight forward.
Not much climbing involved.
2 x boutique hotel in Sabuncupınar and Çukurca. Guesthouse in İnli. All private rooms with ensuite bathroom based on Halfboard


Day 1: Arrival by train.
Morning train from Ankara to Eskisehir (2.15 hrs) or
Train from Eskisehir to Sabuncupınar ( ca 0.45 mins)
After you are welcomed in a restored government house short transfer to Seydiköy and get your lungs work again on the first walk to Arnavutini and Kocataş rock settlements.
Walk: Seydiköy – Sabuncapınar. 6,9 km/ 2-3 hrs
Alternative: Yenice çiftliği-Sabuncupınar 14,4 km
Overnight: wonderful restored government house in Sabuncupınar (HB)

Day 2Sabuncupınar to Fındıkto Doğuluşah to Sökmen and Inli
Today’s walk is one of the best of the Phrygian way. From Sabuncupınar set off to Fındık, an authentic village superbly situated on the banks of the Doğulşah river and find striking examples of the geological structures for which Phyrygia is famed around the village. Continue to Incik village and climb upwards between pine trees, past a point with best examples of old roads in the region. Then head through forest and join the Fındık valley track to Sökmen village where you can explore Phrygian monuments and a rock church. Take a rest before you set off for the last part to Inli, a charming village in a beautiful setting. There is a path from the square in the village to the rockformations above the village.
Walk: 24,6 km/ 8 hrs
Alternative: Shorter route via Fındık valley( 16 km )
Overnight: İncinin konuk evi in İnli (HB)

Day 3: Inli to Yumaklı. Transfer to İnli.
Follow the trail to, a valley which is known as Değirmendere . Here you can see ruins of mills and old paved roads to that mills. Before transferred back to İnli , give a tea break in Yumaklı village, a cosy and very special village.
Walk: Inli-Yumaklı 15,7 km/ 5 hrs
Overnight: İncinin Konuk evi Inli (HB )

Day 4 Lütfiye to Salihler through Zahran valley.
Short transfer ( 3 km) to pick up the dirt track to Zahran valley
Zahran valley is another breathtaking part of the Phrygian way. You will see wild deer, eagle,very old pine trees as well as the caves made on the steep wall of the valley and remains of old mills. Pick up at the mosque in Salihler and transfer ( 40 mins) to Midas Han hotel in Çukurca.
Walk: 16,6 km/ 6hrs.
Overnight: Guesthouse Midas Han in Çukurca. (HB)

Day 5 Salihler to Büyükyayla through Asmainler valley ( transfer to Çukurca)
Following a transfer back to Salihler,a walk through another wonderful valley follows. In the hidden Asmainler valley, synonymous with the Phrygian mother godess Cybele you will find remains of an old Byzanthine settlement in a rock structure resembling a gun and on the route to Büyükyayla remains of a monastry and Roman necropolis. After the pond near Büyükyayla village you are transferred to Çukurca.
Walk: 19 km/6,5 hrs
Overnight : Çukurca ,Midas Han (HB )
Midas Han has stylish rooms in stone houses and main building, a cheaper hostel in another building and good restaurant. Lush garden with a view on Gerdekkaya rock cut tomb.

Day 6: Kümbet to Çukurca
Short transfer to Kümbet and after a visit to a unique 13 th c. Pyramidical tomb, a lion temple and other rock cut monuments in Kümbet village head to Çukurca on a dirt road, along fields past Asar castle, remains of the Roman Berberini settlements and Gerdekkaya, a Hellenistic/ Roman chamber tomb with temple facade.
Walk: 12,6 km /3,5 hrs
Overnight: Çukurca, room in stone house or main building Midas Han (HB)

Day 7 : Çukurca to Yazılıkaya
Take bus to Yazılıkaya to explore Midas city, the religious centre of Phrygia.
With a few exceptions, most of the Phrygian rock-cut monuments for which the site has become famous, date back to the sixth century BC.
The Phrygian necropolis, the so-called Midas Monument owes its name to the fact that the word Mida is used in an inscription on the upper left-hand side of the façade, which is almost eighteen meters high. Mida was mistranslated as Midas, the name of a legendary king of Phrygia; in fact, it is a surname of Cybele, the Phrygian Mother Goddess. The so-called tomb, which is older than the rest of the city and belongs to the eighth century BC, was in reality a sanctuary. During the ceremonies, a statue of Cybele could be placed in the niche.To the south of the Midas Monument lies a rock-cut necropolis.
After visit walk back to Çukurca.Transfer to Seyitgazi and bus to Eskişehir.
Walk: 3,1 km/ 60 mins.

Included in the price:
6 Nights accommodation based on Bed and Breakfast and dinner. (HB)
Transfers and luggage transfers
Phrygian way guide book and maps. An Application is available

Excluded in the price:
Train and bustickets.
Overnight in Eskişehir.
Phrygian way App
What else to do .
Book a guided tour to Midas city € 100
The area is suitable for cycling.
Extend your stay in Eskişehir.
W’re happy to design a longer or different itinerary on  the  other branches of the Phrygian way on your request.