• Date:  Best time: 15.03-15.06 / 15.09-15.12
  • Location: Antalya
  • Price: based on 2 persons € 645  p.p

History and Mystery during this self guided tour on the Lycian way. The tour consists of mainly easy walking on a gentle coast with many islands and inlets; one spectacular walk is high inland. Walks include visits to historical sites including ancient Greek and Roman necropolis, Byzanthine churches, Medieval castles with and one of nature’s great curiosities, the eternal flame of the Chimaera, according to the legend, a creation of a monstrous fire-breathing creature.

Tour highlights
• The flames of the Chimaera
• The three major Archeological sites of Olympos, Myra, Simena
• Remote, unknown other Lycian sites
• Çıralı beach and loggerhead turtles
• Boat ride in Kekova.
• Charming old town of Antalya.

Grade:  Easy to Moderate
Rugged underfoot and some rocky sections around Üçağız.
Distances: 5-12 km per day/ Max. Total 57 km
Elevation: 10-450 m
Comfort: ( 3 xxx )
Comfortable small hotel, comfortable wooden bungalows in a orange groove near sea and beach, welcoming guesthouse in Kapaklı, family run seaside pension. All with private bathroom facilities.


Day 1: Upon arrival at Antalya Airport you will be provided with a transfer ( 75 km) to your first accommodation close to the sea in Çıralı.
Overnight: Bungalows in orange groove near the sea.(HB)

Day 2: Ulupınar to Çıralı.
Following a transfer to Ulupınar, a beautiful walk takes you from the river through woodland up to the Chimaera mountains past the eternal flames left by the mythical Chimaera monster.
Walk: 10 km/ 3,5 hrs / 450 / – 450 m
or shorter, following a transfer to Ulupınar: 10 km/ 4 hrs
Overnight: Bungalows in orange groove near the sea.(HB)

Day 3: Çıralı to Maden beach and Olympos.
Start the day with a morning walk past secluded beaches to Maden, once the site of a chrome mine and end the day with a visit to the ruins of Olympos.
Alternative: take a boat to Maden and walk from Maden to Olympos ( extra charged)
Walk: 12 km/ 4-5 hrs/ + 400/- 400m
0r shorter : ca 7 km.
Overnight : Bungalows in Çıralı (HB )

Day 4: Transfer to Hoyran. Walk Hoyran to Kapaklı village
On your way to Hoyran you will stop in Myra for a visit to rocktombs and theatre ( excl admission fees) Hoyran is a village with unknown Lycian ruins. After you explored the ruins follow an ancient Roman trail zig zagging down the hillside. The views are quite something. In Kapaklı you will stay in a guesthouse run by locals.
Walk: Loopwalk: Hoyran  to Kapaklı 5 km, (2 hrs) easy.
Overnight: Guesthouse in Kapaklı.(HB)

Day 5: Kapaklı to Üçağız.
Continue on the Lycian way; follow the pleasant and easy track past Istlada ruins to Gökova, Burç- and Kaleüçağız; villages with remains of medieval castles on top of it. The walk ends in Üçağız where you will stay at a seaside pension. Try the fresh fish here.
Walk: 11km/  4-5hrs / + 166/ – 295 m
Overnight: Seaside pension in Üçağız (BB)

Day 6:  Aperlae to Ucagiz
The fisherman Halil will collect you at your pension and ferry you to the jetty at Aperlae (ca 30 mins) Then follow the track to Aperlae, a remote ancient Lycian city destroyed by an earth quake in the second century BC. The remains of the city walls are fairly well preserved. After you explored Aperlae, and took a dip in the sea follow the track through meadows and woodland along the coastal cliffs back to Ucagiz.
Walk: 11 km/ 3,5- 4,5 hrs / + 450/ – 450 m
Shorter alternative Jetty to Aperlai to jetty: 4 km/ 50 mins.
Overnight: Seaside pension in Üçağız (BB)

Day 7: Transfer from Üçağız to Antalya.
From Üçağız you are transferred to your hotel in the old quarter of the city, Kaleici, a beautiful restored centre where you can easily spend a day exploring the narrow roads with old Ottoman houses or visit the Antalya museum .

Walk: Antalya old city walk/ 1,5 -2,5 hrs
Overnight: small boutique styled hotel, in the old city (BB)

Day 8:  Transfer to the airport ( 30 mins). Onward travel.

The price includes:
7 nights Bed and breakfast.
4 nights bed, breakfast and dinner.
Transfer from Antalya to your first accommodation in Çıralı. Other transfers and luggage transfers. Transfer from Kekova to Antalya. Lycian way guide book, map, foot notes, descriptions.

What else to do:
*Extend your holiday with a  Blue cruise.
• boat trips in Çıralı or Üçağız. Sea kayak in Üçağız.
* Excursions in Antalya.