• Dates: 29.04.2024 – 04.05.2024 / 30.09.2024 – 05.10.2024
  • Location: Adana-Gaziantep-Adıyaman-Şanlıurfa-Mardin-Diyarbakır
  • Price: € 575 per person in Double room.

    Single room supplement € 100

On this 6 day tour you will discover southeast Anatolia. Located around the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, this region has been inhabited for thousands of years. This is Mesopotamia where our history began.

– Karatepe open air museum.
–  Gaziantep
–  The statues of the Commagene Kingdom at Mount Nemrut (UNESCO)
–  Şanlıurfa , the city of prophets
– Göbekli tepe, the world’s  first temple
– The beehive houses  of  Harran
– Dara
– Mardin
– Midyat
– Hasankeyf boat tour.
– The old walls of Diyarbakır (UNESCO)

Day 1: Flight to Adana- Karatepe open air museum – Gaziantep
Early morning  flight from Antalya or other places in Turkey to Adana. After  being met at the airport we drive to Karatepe open air museum . The archaelogical site is an Ancient walled settlement of the Neo-Hittites dating back to the 8th century. We then head towards the city of Gaziantep for a visit to Zeugma Mosaic Museum and bazaars.
( 287 km- 4 hrs)
Overnight in Gaziantep, Ali Bey konağı (BB )

Day 2: Gaziantep – Mount Nemrut-Karadut
After breakfast we continue towards Adıyaman and head to Nemrut Mountain National Park. The summit of Mount Nemrut is home to one of Turkey’s most iconic sights. The fascinating and eerie funerary mound of King Antiochus I of the Kingdom of Commagene sits a top this 2,150-meter peak. The spectacular terraces are littered with the toppled remnants of giant stone statues that were once majestically lined up to celebrate Antiochus’ own glory and the glory of the gods. After visiting old Kahta castle, Karakuş burial mound, Cendere Roman bridge, Karakuş tümülüs and Mount Nemrut, dinner and night at Nemrut Euphrat hotel. (228 km- 4hrs)
Dinner and overnight at Nemrut Euphrat hotel(HB)

Day 3: Karadut -Göbekli tepe-Şanlıurfa
Following breakfast  we drive to  Göbeklitepe ( Unesco) the place were history was rewritten This historic place is the oldest discovered human- built holy place in the world and built between 9.000 and 10.500 BC. It is more than 6.000 years older
than Stonehenge in England. After visit we continue to Şanlıurfa where we will visit a number of the holy places this city of the prophets has to offer, the old bazaars and when possible museum. (200 km- 3 hrs)
Overnight in Şanlı Urfa. Müzepotamia Butik otel (BB)
Optional: Join us on a traditional Urfa ‘sıra geces ‘ night including dinner, music and dancing.

Day 4: Şanlıurfa -Harran- Dara- Mardin
Following breakfast we head for Harran, one of Turkey’s most exotic corners. Among the imposing ruins of the old city live an Arabic speaking tribal population in beehive-shaped houses built of unbaked mud. According to an early chapter of the Jewish bible the patriarch Abraham lived here with his father Terah. Harran’s Temple of Sin was one of the holiest sanctuaries of the ancient Near East. It was already old when Shalmanesser III of Assyria  renovated it in the 9th century BC. After visiting the main remains of Harran we head towards Mardin visiting the remains of the Roman garrison town of Dara on the way. We conclude the day exploring the colourful streets of old Mardin and a wonderful dinner. (296 km – 4 hrs)
Overnight in Mardin. Old city hotel (BB)

Day 5: Mardin- Midyat – Mor Gabriel monastery- Hasankeyf- Diyarbakır.
From Mardin we drive to Midyat. The stone houses of Midyat are built with the processing of limestone, which is obtained around Mardin. The soft limestone is very suitable for shaping. Stone masters have used this very well and built stone
houses suitable for climatic conditions in the past. After visiting Govenors guesthouse and lunch in Midyat, continue to Mor Gabriel monastery, the oldest Christian monastery with a working community and Hasankeyf which is completely submerged under the waters of the ilisu Reservoir for a 60 mins boattrip . Dinner and overnight in Diyarbakır.
(290 km – 5 hrs)
Overnight in Diyarbakır. Hotel Büyük Kervansaray (BB)

Day 6: Diyarbakır city tour
The last day of the journey is spent in Diyarbakır. On the city walk w’ll visit the Ulu camii or Grand mosque, drink coffee at Hasan Paşa Han, walk along the black basalt city walls , visit the virgin Mary Syriac church four- legged minaret and give you time to explore the city yourself before transferring you to the airport for your flight back
to domestic or international destinations.

End of Program.

–  Accommodation in boutique hotels
–  5 x breakfast and 1 x dinner
–  Transport
–  English speaking, official licensed Turkish guide
– Breakfast on the first day.
– Lunches & 4 evening meals.
– Sıra Night in Şanlıurfa ( dinner, music, dance . ca € 30 )
– Personal expenses.
– Admissions fees.
– Flights to Adana and from Diyarbakır to other places in Turkey or homeland.

** This tour goes ahead with minimum 8 – maximum 13 persons.