• Duration: 7 Nights-8 Days
  • Location: Cappadocia
  • Price: based on 2 persons € 650 p.p.


Is a unique environment created by the complex interaction of natural and human forces over ages, Volcanic tuff formed the land that is inhabited over millennia by many different cultures for many ways of life. Rock caves are still inhabited and fields are still fertilized with guano collected in rock-cut pigeon-houses.

Since Hittite-times wine is produced and clay from the main river, the Kızılırmak used for pottery. Donkeys, mules and horses are still used in this region, in transport and agriculture. Recently Cappadocia has become a popular tourism destination but valleys and remoted villages are still untouched . The best way to explore the region is on foot or by bike. This 8 days selfguided walking tour starts in the Ihlara valley and ends in Göreme,the heart of Cappadocia.


Tour highlights:

  • Ihlara valley and Selime monastry
  • The orginally Greek villages, Gelveri and Sinassos
  • Monastries and churches
  • Underground cities
  • Colourful valleys and amazing rock formations.
  • Cave hotels


Grade: easy-moderate.
Distances: 7-17 km per day/ Max. total 74 km.
Comfort: comfortable pension, rooms in cave hotels. All with private bathroom facilities.


Day 1Arrival at Nevşehir ot Kayseri airport. Transfer to Ihlara.
Overnight: pension with comfortable rooms and private bathrooms (HB)

Day 2: Selime to Ihlara valley to Ihlara (Güzelyurt)
Following a transfer ( 20 mins) to Selimiye, explore the wonderful rock-cut monastry complex ( admission fees extra) and hike the Ihlara valley.a long gorge formed in volcanic rock. The Melendiz stream flows through the valley. The whole canyon is honeycombed with rock-cut dwellings and churches. First part of the walk is relaxed and quiet, the second part crowdier. Transfer to Güzelyurt ( Gelveri)
Walk: 12,5 km / 4,5 hrs/ + 200m /- 25 m
Overnight: Cave hotel in Güzelyurt. Comfortable rooms, private bathrooms, terrace with beautiful views (HB)

Day 3: Güzelyurt and monastry trek ( Mustafa Paşa)
Güzelyurt, historically known as Karballa, then Gelveri developed  with the spread of christianity in Anatolia, especcially during the life of Gregory of Nazianze ( 4 th century) His ideas later became the basis of to Greek orthodoxy. In the village and the Monastry valley over 50 rock churches from the Byzantine period are on record as well as a rock carved mosque from the Ottoman period. The semi- troglodyte Greek houses are a typical example of Cappadocian architecture of years gone by.On the walk you will explore village ,small underground city and Monastry valley.After the walk you are transferred to Mustafa Paşa (98 km) The driver will hold at Kaymaklı for a visit to an underground city.
Walk: 13 km/ 4,5 hrs/ + 200 m/ – 200m
Overnight at Mustafa paşa. Cave hotel.Comfortable rooms with ensuite bathroom (HB)

Day 4: Keslik monastry- Mustafa Paşa.

Following breakfast a short ride to Keslik monastry. Keslik monastry is a small collection of churches, ancient frescoes and living quartes, built in volcanic tuff.The walk from Keslik to Mustafa paşa is gentle past fields and rockformations to Lake Damsa. Then climbing to a viewpoint above the village and descending to the central square. Mustafa Paşa, which former name is Sinassos was also inhabited by Greek u and has churches and onastries to explore.
Walk: 12 km/ 4 hrs/ + 175 m/ – 300 m
Overnight : Mustafa Paşa. Cave hotel. Comfortable rooms with ensuite bathroom (HB)

Day 5: Mustafa Paşa to Çavuşin 
Set off for a longer walk today. From Mustafa Paşa the route leads to a valley with old cave houses to Ortahisar; it’s name coming from a 90 m high rock with rooms and tunnels inside.You then continue towards the white – pink  coloured Bozdağ mountain surrounded by tuff stone rock formations. From here you follow the descending path through a beautiful  fairy tale landscape to the even more beautiful rose valley and end the day in Cavuşin in a comfortable cave hotel.
Walk: 17 km/ 6 hrs/ + 250 m/ – 400 m
Overnight in Çavuşin. Cave hotel . Comfortable rooms and ensuite bathroom.(BB)

Day 6: Çavuşin  to Uçhisar  to Göreme 
From Çavuşin follow the route to love valley, the valley with the world famous penis shaped  earth pillars and continue to Uçhisar, it’s name coming from a rock similar to Ortahisar.From Uçhisar you then follow the marked path through the pigeon valley towards Göreme, the heart of Cappadocia and with terraces, café’s restaurants the most touristic but still charming  place in Cappadocia.
Walk: 12 km/ 4 hrs/ + 250m / – 250 m
Overnight in Göreme. Cave hotel. Comfortable rooms and ensuite bathroom (BB)

Day 7Zemi valley
On the last day of your walking holiday you will cross the Zemi valley from the south to the north. The valley, surrounded by mountains is lush and green. It hosts caves,  churches and rock formations. The track is easy to follow and  ends at the El – Nazar church near the open air musuem. The museum, a vast monastry complex hosts the finest of rock-cut churches with beautiful frescoes.We  recommend a visit.
Walk: 7 km/ 2,5 hrs/  + 315 m/ -315 m.
Overnight in Göreme. Cave hotel . Comfortable rooms and ensuite bathroom.(BB)

Day 8: Transfer. Onward travel.

What else:

  • Balloon flight in Güzelyurt, Çavuşin or Göreme
  • Biking, quad safari and other outdoor activities.

İncluded in the price:
7 Nights Bed and Breakfast.
4 nights Dinner.
Transfers from Nevsehir or Kayseri airport to Ihlara. Other transfers and luggage transfers. Transfer from Göreme to the airport. Basic maps & descriptions of the walks. Some, around Göreme are on marked paths.

 Excluded in the price:
Other diners and lunches.
Admissions fees.