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Rent a Car, Transport, Lycia, South East Turkey & Black sea the culture routes of Turkey

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Mithra Travel is a Turkey based travel agent specialised in holidays for people interested in culture and nature.If you are looking for a different holiday away from the crowded resorts, into the scenery and ancient of Anatolia,Please contact us.

Hiking The Lycian way in Turkey

In ancient times, a mining area located in the South-West of Asia Minor, in the region of the Teke Peninsula, was called Lycia. On the West it bordered with Karya, on the North with Phrygia and Pisidia, on the East with Pamphylia and washed by the Mediterranean sea on the South. The coastline is strongly indented in Lycia. There are many bays, islets and sheltered coves. And internal areas are occupied by fertile valleys separated by spurs of the Taurus range. At the end of the XX century, an Englishwoman named Kate Clow, paved the Lycian tourist route. It became one of the most popular trail in the world. Disparate roads, trails and goat paths are connected in a single path, with a total length of 509 kilometers. The trail is marked with red and white marks. In some places, they are more common and in others, less common. And sometimes completely lost or hidden in dense vegetation. There are numerous signs along the trail. They show the direction to the nearest historical attractions or large settlements. You can go on the path without a guide. Of course, you may end up strayed.

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